Web design, development and repair: Dibasoft designs websites based on your input. Your site is designed with your goals in mind, keeping the tone of the page in line with its purpose. For instance, if you are a florist, your website typically will be gentle, but if you run a games website, your site will be flashy. What you want is what you get.

Search engines: We write search engines for your site to give your viewers a way to search your documents or your pictures by keyword or subject.

Database & e-commerce: We provide Database know-how: MySql, Microsoft Access, SQL, PostGreSQL + more. We do front ends and GUI's. We do backend processing. We can provide your site with a shopping cart and use your database to track transactions.

Research: If you don't have time to look for yourself or you're not sure if you're finding it all, Dibasoft will look for you.

If there's something you need that's not listed here, please ask if we can do it. Most likely, we can!.

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