Package Status Platforms Description
DijaView Ver 1.0.0 All This is a self-cleaning posting board that runs as a servlet on your server. You can see it in action at It can be customized for your site very easily. And you can change the parameters. There is no free download of this. Sometimes we give it away, and sometimes we sell it, and sometimes we license it. You need to contact us.
MM8 Saved Game Editor Beta 0.10 Win 32 (Java) This little utility supports game level and character level editing, including character inventory editing. Win 32 flavor graphical user interface, Java run time installation may be required on your machine as well.
OS/2 Sound Schemes Beta 0.11 OS/2 This utility is a facility that allows you to create, review, and change sound schemes in OS/2 Warp 3 and 4.
OKPrint Ver 1.0.0 Windows 98/XP This utility prints OKBridge recorded sessions one hand per page.
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